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money can buy happiness

Do You Think That Money Can Buy Happiness?

Were you one of the millions of people who purchased lottery tickets before the $1....

Monday Morning Blues

Got a Case of the Monday Morning Blues? Plan a Better Weekend

While “planning” and “weekend” seem like they belong in different sentences unless the...

Snow day

Making the Most of a Snow Day

When you wake up to see six inches of snow lining your street and find out that work and school...

Practicing Gratitude

Is it All Bad Out There? Why Practicing Gratitude and Positivity Actually Matters

You woke up to a cold room and realized your heater has decided to kick the bucket....


Religion and Spirituality: Mental Health Tools or Not for You?

More Americans are identifying as spiritual and not religious, but there are still many people...

Fill ‘er Up!

"Optimists build aeroplanes, pessimists build parachutes" The glass half empty or glass half...