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Quality of Life

Read more about the ‘X Factor’. That one strategy or change that makes life all the more meaningful and enjoyable.

Graduate Student thinking

Graduate Degree in ‘Pandemicing’

Graduate Degree in ‘Pandemicing’ My experience as a graduate student in midst of a global...

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Work Harder? Work Smarter? The Work Week Length Debate

Every few years, the work week length debate seems to reemerge alongside a study proclaiming that...

Stay Uninspired!

Join the masses ‘Tis the season to join the masses in their compulsory mandate of resolution...

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Is Summer Fun in Your Future?

When the weather warms up, many people head outdoors to enjoy the summer sun and shake off the cold...

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Color Your World: The Psychology of Colors

The colors around you every day—from the Metro station to the fast food restaurant—are all...


Vacation from Vacation

Countless Americans work from “vacation to vacation,” and return to work only to start...

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Banish New Year’s Resolutions!

As the New Year approaches, many adults will enter the resolution cycle in a quest to improve...


Technology – a Double Edged Sword

Even though it’s called social media, apps like Facebook and Instagram might be negatively...