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Now You Know

A story…

Years ago, I was sitting with a client in session who was lamenting the disconnect between herself and family and friends. She was struggling with a skin picking disorder at the time and was
frustrated with family members who just ‘didn’t get it’ or friends who said things that not only didn’t help, but made her feel worse. It also became apparent how exhausting it was to try and explain her experience with people close with her. That conversation was repetitive, cumbersome, and oftentimes uncomfortable. I did my best to help support her and navigate these conversations in the best way possible.

An idea

During the course of our sessions it dawned on me how important information can perhaps be communicated in an effective, meaningful, and low stress format. This is how Now You Know cards were born. As it sounds, the hope of ‘Now You Know’ cards is to be able to hand someone a card with basic information related to what a person is dealing with. In essence we are communicating ‘Now You Know what you need to know’ without saying it. We, of course, encourage verbal dialog when possible, but appreciate there is a need for these as well. Not only are these cards giving the essential about what’s going on, it also tells a person what is helpful response and what is NOT helpful. That is something I know many people wish more people were sensitive to.

Our design

Using a mosaic as theme to design ‘Now You Know’ cards was very intentional. Mosaics carry deep meaning for us and our clients. We believe people are made up of parts. Some parts we enjoy and appreciate more than others. Sometimes we wish some parts were more present and active and others we wish would quiet down some. Still, they are only part of ourselves. They do not define us. Whatever someone is struggling with, and everyone is, the message is to accept as a part of you but not let it define you.

Mosaics are usually created from broken pieces of something that was once whole. The product from something ‘destroyed’ is actually a beautiful creation. It is a powerful message that not only can one survive struggles, it can actually become the catalyst for something truly gorgeous.

Help End Stigma

If there’s anything we can all agree on it is that today we, unfortunately, struggle to connect with one another as much we would like.  Whatever the reasons many of us feel disconnected and isolated.  To have an open, genuine dialog that does not become polarized is challenging to come by.  Certain topics carry with them a stigma that makes us feel shameful to even attempt to share.  With ‘Now You Know’ cards we hope to be a part of bridging that gap of disconnect and increase face to face authentic, productive, and meaningful connection.