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Technology-based anxiety treatment resources are more prevalent than ever. Is this a legitimate way to receive treatment? Absolutely! However, there are pros and cons to choosing online-based treatment over in-person treatment. In this blog, we take a look at both!



You really can’t beat the convenience of online treatment resources. Rather than accommodating time for traveling, you can just head to your phone or laptop and begin the session. Because of this, it’s often much easier to schedule online-based sessions as well.

Treatment Is More Accessible

Talking with a doctor about physical issues isn’t a struggle for most people, but it can be challenging to open up about mental health issues. For those who have avoided seeking mental health care in the past to avoid stigmas or potential embarrassment, online resources can allow these individuals to take that crucial first step toward improving their mental health in the comfort of their own homes. 

Service to More People 

Online treatment options are allowing more individuals to seek treatment than ever before. Whether you live in a remote area, are a person with a limiting physical disability or are at high risk for COVID-19, online resources can allow you to get the treatment you need regardless of these factors.



Cyberattacks are growing increasingly common year over year, and it’s no surprise that telehealth platforms are at risk as well. Luckily, as popular telehealth platforms like Zoom continuously bolster their security standards, the potential for breaches will continue to drop.

Potentially Missed Visible Cues

Depending on camera quality and lighting, there is a possibility that your provider will miss subtle body language cues that they would’ve been able to pick up on during an in-person session. This is why choosing an area with natural light and sufficient internet connectivity is strongly recommended for technology-based treatment sessions.

Not Always Covered by Insurance

Coverage for online treatment heavily varies based on insurance and the state you live in. Naturally, paying out of pocket for such sessions can add up quickly, so you’ll want to double-check your insurance coverage before making the jump to online-based treatment.

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