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In the spirit of the cicada arrival, we offered three hypotheses in our last blog post about how our aversion to bugs developed over time. While there is truth to those points, we also wanted to express that we can take several life lessons from insects as well! Here are four of our favorites:

“Try Not to Agonize” – Cicadas

It would seem that cicadas do not agonize much throughout their lives. Instead of focusing on peripheral problems, their sole focus is on fulfilling the task at hand. For the past 17 years, they’ve been focused on tunneling and feeding. Finally, those efforts have led to their emersion from underground in search of mates. All of their efforts are tied to these goals, without distraction or worry bogging them down.

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” – Ants

When you take the time to observe an ant colony, it’s quite easy to see the organized chaos at work. Ants really have created the perfect model of teamwork for us to follow. The only way to achieve great success in larger projects is to work as a group and be friendly to those who have common interests, and that’s essentially the ant way of life!

“Old Habits Must Be Shed to Achieve Growth – Caterpillars

Before a caterpillar even forms its chrysalis, it must shed its skin four or five times as it grows. This brings to light the fact that shedding old patterns and habits, while painful, is often very necessary to achieve growth.

“Time in Solitude for Growth” – Butterflies

While ants perfectly display teamwork for us, it’s no secret that we can’t be in a highly collaborative setting all the time as humans. Like the butterfly, we need time alone to recharge! Rather than a physical transformation, however, our time alone is all about creating emotional transitions within. Taking time alone to decompress and meditate can lead to immense internal growth for us, just as it leads the caterpillar to display its colorful new set of wings!

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