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While tons of adults feel a strong sense of wanderlust and happily venture into the unknown, others struggle to cope with anxiety about travel. After all, there is plenty to be anxious about—boarding a plane, driving over a long bridge, feeling trapped, a catastrophe happening or a lack of order. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or nervous novice, here are some simple ways to soothe your travel anxiety.

Before You Leave for Your Trip

First, take the time to calm down and center yourself:

  • Remind yourself of the reason why you are traveling in the first place. Are you visiting a place you’ve always wanted to go? Are you spending time with family or friends? Focus on your destination and the reason for the trip.
  • Be open about your travel anxiety with one of your trusted traveling companions. Simply letting someone else know that you are nervous can dramatically reduce anxiety.
  • Is the lack of structure and planning increasing your anxiety? Don’t be afraid to meticulously plan out the first few days of the trip so that you don’t need to worry what to do once you arrive. Map out the path to your airport terminal, pick out a coffee spot in the airport and reserve your rental car in advance if it will help you relax.

While You’re on Vacation

When you’re on the road, it can be hard to worry about your worry! To cut down on your anxiety:

  • Make a routine that helps you feel grounded on the road. Do you go for a run every morning at home? Set your alarm on vacation to fit in a quick run before everyone else is awake to keep yourself on track.
  • Remember that bad luck and bad timing are inevitable parts of vacation. What isn’t inevitable? Your reaction to it. Many times, travel requires flexibility and a positive attitude in the face of stress.
  • Avoid any triggers that make your anxiety worse, like alcohol or a lack of sleep.
  • Don’t compare your trip and travels to those of your friends online. Remember that everyone experiences the world differently, and your trip to the beach isn’t any better or worse than your friend’s trip to India.
  • Embrace the uncertainty that occurs with travel, just like the millions of other people hitting the road are. Nobody enjoys not knowing how their trip will go, but everyone taking a vacation recognizes that the uncertainty is worth the many exciting and fun parts of travel.

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