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E20 Storytelling, Advocacy, & OCD with Stuart Ralph

· June 24, 2021

Throwback Thursday!

Way back when (before the existence of Mental Filter) I met Stuart Ralph at the annual International OCD Foundation Conference. Stuart is not only the nicest and most genuine guy one can be, but he is also the host of a podcast called The OCD Stories https://theocdstories.com/ The podcast has been extremely influential in advocating, educating, and connecting within the OCD community. It is also super popular 😉

He graciously allowed me to turn the mic on him. In its original format, this was a video discussion now formatted for audio. We explored his own journey with OCD, the power of storytelling, and highlighting how we may never realize how much we can positively impact others if we are willing to try.

For me, it was inspiring, moving, and meaningful. It also was the catalyst for this podcast being born.
With much gratitude, I hope you enjoy it.