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E18 Art imitating life? Part II with Evan Jay Newman

· February 14, 2021

Did you say you wanted more?! Well, you’re in luck because we didn’t stop talking just yet.

Part II of the topic below…..

The world of performing arts is as vast as it is deep. There are so many highs and along with it a fair amount of lows. Hopefully, this will be just the first of many episodes that explores the experience of performing arts, on professional and personal levels, through the lens of mental health. Is the saying ‘life imitates art’ accurate or is it art imitating life? hmmm…

This double-episode is not just for the performer out there. You, the listener, might notice your head nodding in mutual understanding as our co-host Evan Jay Newman (https://www.evanjaynewman.com/) candidly shares his experiences of his journey from child actor to musical director. Evan’s travels have taken him across the globe and he has played significant roles in the production of Les Misérables, Jersey Boys, and Green Day’s American Idiot.

Please join Shmuel (www.cbtbaltimore.com) and Evan in Part I and Part II of this intriguing dialog about performing arts and mental health.

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Below are some of the projects Evan mentions he is currently involved in.