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Agoraphobia and its associated fear can be treated successfully using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), namely exposure-based techniques. Since many individuals with this affliction have difficulty attending treatment outside of the home, CBT Baltimore is available for home treatment. In some cases, intensive treatment options may be necessary.


What is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is psychiatric syndrome that involves a fear of public places, such as being in crowds, using public transportation, standing in lines, visiting marketplaces, and being outside alone. Often individuals with agoraphobia fear places or events in which it might be difficult to escape, or situations in which they may be unable to receive assistance in case they experience panic or anxiety symptoms.

As a result of this fear, many with agoraphobia avoid these public situations, sometimes to the extreme of not leaving the safety of the home. A typical misconception, however, is that all individuals with agoraphobia are house-bound. While this presentation is common, people can still experience agoraphobia if they participate in public activities, but do so with considerable fear.

Therapy for Agoraphobia

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