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Summer is here, and many kids and teens are headed to sleepaway summer camp to make new friends, enjoy time in the great outdoors and learn new skills. While some parents choose day camp and other kids head off for weeks at a time to sleep under the stars, there are plenty of benefits to summer camp for kids.

The Benefits of Sleepaway Summer Camp

  1. Independence: It’s hard to learn independence gradually at home, and plenty of kids only experience a world without their parents for the first time when they head to college. Sleepaway summer camp is a great way for kids to start learning independence in a more structured environment where there are still adults present in case of emergency. Even children who struggle with dependence can start to find their footing during a week or two at sleepaway camp.
  2. Cooperation: Many activities at sleepaway summer camp involve team-building and working together to solve problems Beyond those activities, your child will be around many people they haven’t met before like camp counselors, activity instructors and other campers, and have to learn to cooperate with them and work side by side.
  3. Screen-Free Time: Most sleepaway summer camp experiences to not allow campers to bring phones, tablets, electronic devices and screens with them. While this might feel radical in 2020, it can help your child to get valuable time away from screens and slow down a bit. Without constant distractions, they will be able to have new experiences that are impossible when tethered to a mobile phone.
  4. New Skills: Sleepaway summer camp is one of the best ways for your child to learn cool new skills. From new sports to rock climbing, many activities are available in a central location with skilled facilitators to ensure that your child is safe. You can also choose a camp that caters to certain things. From theatre camps to cooking camps, there are so many exciting things that your child can learn. Some camps also help with classroom skills, like science, math, writing and history. The skills that your child picks up can also empower them and increase their confidence.

It Isn’t For Everyone

While sleepaway camp offers plenty of benefits for many, it is not for every child. Regular summer camps can be an excellent alternative. Some sleepaway and summer camps this year also will not be occurring due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are fun online alternatives or in-person events that emphasize social distancing while still having fun.

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