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Snow day

When you wake up to see six inches of snow lining your street and find out that work and school are canceled, what’s your first reaction? Do you dread spending the day cooped up inside, or do you look forward to spending time connecting with your family? Snow days, love them or hate them, are perfect opportunities to reconnect with the people you care about.

Play in the Snow

Is there a better opportunity to play in the snow than on a snow day? Taking the time to bundle up and let loose with your family is a great idea. If you struggle to be playful with your spouse or kids and haven’t had a family game night in years, a snowball fight or snowman building contest could spark friendly competition and plenty of fun.

Pick a Puzzle

Puzzles are a fun activity to do as a group, they can take a surprisingly long time to complete, they encourage collaboration and they’re educational. That’s why they’re the perfect way to pass some time on a snow day and still making learning a priority.

Start a Snow Day Tradition

Whether you have young children or a new spouse, one way to make the most of a snow day is starting a new tradition. Do you have a fireplace? Making indoor s’mores gives you a chance to spend time together while enjoying a special treat. Is there a winter movie that you love watching but forget to break out on a regular basis? Pop some popcorn and watch it together as a family. Then, providing the activity was a successful bonding opportunity, break it out again on the next snow day.

Put on a Show

One creative way to encourage problem-solving, boost storytelling skills and have fun as a family is putting on a play. Tap into your inner actress and let your inner imagination run wild. Acting is a great way to model positive interactions and behaviors for your kids, and developing characters and stories helps your children to embrace their inner playwright.

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