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Monday Morning Blues
While “planning” and “weekend” seem like they belong in different sentences unless the planning involves sitting on the couch or heading to the movies, a well-planned weekend is a great antidote to the Monday morning blues. Getting back into the swing of work can be hard, especially after a three-day weekend. Here are our best tips for battling the Monday morning blues and making the most of your weekend at the same time.

Don’t Be Afraid to Disconnect

Especially if your job involves a computer or screen, it’s important to disconnect over the weekend. If you find yourself flipping through work emails on your phone while watching TV or typing out a quick reply to a work-related message at the coffee shop Saturday morning, you are fully connected. Make a habit of putting down your phone, shutting down your computer and taking time to let the world go on without you.

Do Something Fun

What makes you feel on top of the world? Is there a person you spend time with who makes you laugh more than anyone else? Use your weekends to do something that you truly enjoy and keep your hobbies and passions alive. Healthy work/life balance doesn’t have to mean you’re buzzing around all weekend long from gym session to green juice to dinner with friends. Instead, it means that you’re taking time for what is important to you and what makes you feel most fulfilled (although it’s perfectly fine if it’s green juice!).

Get Plenty of Sleep

During the workweek, days start early and end late, which means that many people end up missing out on sleep. The Monday morning blues hit you even harder if you’re tired from your weekend. Plan your weekend so that you can go to bed at a reasonable time both nights and catch up on sleep. You’ll be glad you rescheduled your late-night movie date for dinnertime when Monday rolls around.

Plan Ahead for Monday

Some amount of Monday morning blues will always be inevitable, as the weekend is always more fun than work. You can lessen the sting by planning ahead for Monday morning. Schedule an hour or two on Sunday night to complete basic tasks for the week. Decide what you’re wearing Monday morning and make sure your laundry hamper is empty. Do you bring lunch to work? Now is the perfect time to prep it. Make sure your work bag is packed and ready to go. Investing a little time on Sunday will make your Monday morning blues a lot less blue.

Beat the Monday Morning Blues with CBT Baltimore 

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