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Your senior year of high school is over. It’s been 12 years (or more) of hard work, tests, classes, meeting new friends and growing as a person. While some people preparing to enter college are excited about a fresh start, others are feeling the pressure and anxiety already. Before you start packing up your childhood bedroom and start buying packs of hangers from Target, it’s time to get your mind ready for college.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other social networks are all highlight reels for everyone else’s lives. Comparing your daily life, or behind-the-scenes, to the polished and edited version of someone else’s life is a great way to set yourself up for a year full of jealousy. Take everything you see on social media with a grain of salt. Instead of looking for validation on social media, reach out to a loved one or friend for the support that you need.

Commit to New Time Management Methods

College means significant schedule adjustments. When you don’t have class until 2 PM, it’s tempting to sleep in instead of waking up at 9 AM to finish homework, have a healthy breakfast and lunch and spend time planning out your day. The worst way to stay ahead in college is procrastinating and saying “yes” to everything you’re asked to do. Be strict with your time management, and you’ll realize that you have more free time than you realize.

Open Yourself Up to New Things

College will open your eyes to new people, new ideas, new places and new things. It’s the perfect time to broaden your horizons and try something new. Join a club that interests you and don’t be afraid to meet new people. Embrace exploration!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

With any new experience, it’s always great to go in with a positive attitude. However, life will still have ups and downs. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you find yourself struggling or needing someone to talk to. Know what services are available to you on campus and don’t be afraid to look at off-campus resources as well, like CBT Baltimore. You should also build a strong support system around you of family and friends.

Help for Back to School and Beyond 

If you’re struggling to keep it together this summer, you aren’t alone. Reach out to CBT Baltimore at 443-470-9815. We would love to help.