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E29 So you want to start a family? with Dr. Colleen Reichmann

· May 26, 2022

The term “family” takes many on forms, but the most common we hear about comes when two individuals decide they want to have children. For some, it comes quite easy. But others hit many roadblocks, wrong turns, and detours along the way. For our guest on this episode, she and her husband began the journey to starting a family, only to find out it wasn’t going to be as easy as she once thought.

We were joined by Dr. Colleen Reichmann (https://www.colleenreichmann.com/), a licensed clinical psychologist and mental health advocate, to hear about her journey through fertility treatments that finally allowed her to start the family she’s always dreamed of. Colleen talks candidly and openly about the roadblocks, and the moments that were downright heartbreaking. Most importantly, she talks about having hope, which is something we could all use a little more of these days.

To connect with Colleen, you can follow her on Instagram @drcolleenreichmann, or send her an email at [email protected].

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Shmuel Fischler