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E27 Lonely No More with Marissa Meizz

Shmuel Fischler, LCSW-C · December 30, 2021

Whether it’s a memory from middle school that you would most certainly like to forget, or the result of the seemingly endless pandemic world we are currently living in, it’s safe to say we can all relate to the feelings of loneliness when the topic of friends are involved. After a TikTok by a stranger went viral, Marissa created the ultimate project – No More Lonely Friends. No More Lonely Friends was Marissa’s way of creating community and connection between those that need it the most, and it has grown into something bigger than she ever imagined.

You can connect with Marissa on Instagram (https://instagram.com/marissameizz) (https://instagram.com/nomorelonelyfriends), and TikTok (https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPd6XkWpf/).

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Shmuel Fischler LCSW-C