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Summer Projects

Next to New Year’s Day, which dawns with plenty of anticipation and resolutions, the start of summer vacation is the next-biggest day for many goal-setters. Whether you want to finally use up your vacation days, make it through your summer reading list or tackle projects around the house while the weather is gorgeous, it’s easy to let the summer slip right through your hands. How can you tackle summer projects productively this year?

Summer Homework

Does your child or teen have a stack of homework to complete during the summer? Start the summer by giving them a short break to give them a chance to relax and reset. Work with your student to subdivide summer projects into smaller steps that make it easy to stay motivated. Reading two chapters of a book every week or tackling 3 college application essays every month will help your child stay on track without getting overwhelmed.

Summer Reading List

As with completing summer homework, plan out your summer reading list. How many pages should you be reading a day? Set a time every day or week to read and keep yourself on track. If your library offers a summer reading program, consider enrolling your child or yourself to get rewarded for the pages you read. In Maryland, many counties now allow adults to get age-appropriate rewards that are just as cool as those offered to kids.

Summer Projects Around the House

Accomplishing summer projects around the house can be tricky since there are so many steps involved—getting the supplies that you need, getting the expertise to tackle the project, coordinating helpers if you need them and actually getting things done. In general, you should start planning out your project as early as possible. Get commitment from your helpers on one date and a rain date. Waiting for a sunny day can make a slippery slope if you don’t already have a back-up time set.

Self-Improvement Projects

What are your other summer goals? Exercising more, refining a meal prep routine and even going to therapy in Baltimore can all be awesome summer goals. If you want to work on yourself this summer, accountability is key. Working with a therapist is an excellent way to work on who you are, but even pairing up with a gym buddy two days a week can help you transform into who you want to be.

Accomplish Your Summer Projects with Our Help

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