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Healthy Relationships

Even in the most romantic month of the year, relationships will be thrown into conflict. Who left the cap off of the toothpaste? Why wasn’t your friend invited to brunch? Big or small, disputes that occur in relationships can often be resolved with communication. In healthy relationships, resolving conflict isn’t about who is right or wrong. Instead, it’s reaching towards each other to find a resolution and transform conflict into greater connection.

Show Your Appreciation

Plenty of conflicts initially start as a perceived snub or slight and then fester into something bigger. In healthy relationships, you should communicate things that might feel obvious to you, like your appreciation. If your partner makes dinner, thank them for doing so even if they do it every night. If your daughter comes home with another excellent report card, express your appreciation and admiration for her hard work.

Say Sorry

It takes strength to apologize and forgive. Saying sorry does not mean admitting you are wrong. Instead, it means that you value maintaining a healthy relationship more than your ego. Acknowledge that you made a mistake and think about what you can learn from the experience. If you are on the receiving end of an apology, don’t be petty or gloat. Instead, thank your friend or loved one for apologizing and move forward.  

Talk with Care

Instead of ignoring your partner or passive-aggressively bringing something up in the future, speak about why you are upset. Even if it’s something small, like your partner skipping ahead on Game of Thrones without you, be clear about what upset you. Talking openly about issues brings clarity and understanding in healthy relationships. When speaking, think about your wording. Even though you’re hurt, it doesn’t mean you can unleash a verbal torrent.

Use the 3 Magic Words

Even when it feels like it is furthest from the truth, there are three magic words that can revive your healthy relationship and get communication back on track—I love you. Remembering the love that brought you and your friend or partner together can help you to get communication back on track and open the door to friendlier, more honest discussion.

Maintain Healthy Relationships with CBT Baltimore

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