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Spring Fever

There’s a condition sweeping through the entire country right now, and it isn’t seasonal allergies! This condition causes a short attention span, constant staring out the window and a need to get outside. What is it? Spring fever. From kindergarten students itching to explore the great outdoors to high school students preparing to graduate and head off to college, spring fever can be tough to handle.

Set an Example

As the weather gets nicer, your child might want to head outside instead of finishing chores. In fact, many adults deal with the same feelings! Be a good role model and focus on completing your chores as well, even on a lovely afternoon. Promise your child that when you both finish your tasks you can do something fun together outside.

Go Over Expectations

Particularly if you have a child who has trouble staying focused, go over expectations and rules again. Spring break and participating in a soccer team don’t mean that homework can go unfinished. Remind your child of what you expect and what he or she can expect. Once chores and homework are finished, he or she can head outside to play. Or, once your teen read for 30 minutes, the TV or video game console can be turned on.

Stick to a Routine

Spring fever hates routines, but routines are essential for living a happy and healthy life! While nature’s schedule changes in the spring, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your family’s schedule should also change. Stick to a regular routine and resist the temptation to allow for a later bedtime. Once the school year has ended, it might be time to reassess, but as long as school is in session, your child or teen should keep the same routine.

Encourage Exercise

You don’t want to throw routine out of the window, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t allow for some extra time outside! Exercise outdoors helps kids to blow off extra steam. Some studies have even indicated that exercise and time outside can actually help students to focus better! If your child struggles to sit down and complete chores and homework right after getting home, consider allowing an hour of exercise outside before they sit down to complete their responsibilities.

Beat Spring Fever 

If you or your child are struggling to stay focused this season or are interested in seeking therapy in Baltimore, we’re here to help.  Reach out to the CBT experts at CBT Baltimore at 443-470-9815. We would love to speak with you.