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CBT Baltimore continues to grow!

About CBT Baltimore:

We are a private practice of dedicated and compassionate professionals providing specialized psychotherapy in our outpatient office.  Our clinicians are grounded in CBT work while have additional training in 3rd wave CBT practices such as ACT, MBCT, CP and other modalities that help serve our clients’ needs.  CBT Baltimore attracts those struggling with anxiety spectrum disorders including; OCD, Panic, Social Anxiety, BFRBS (Trichotillomania etc.), phobias, and general anxiety among others.  This is in addition to those coming with depressive disorders and/or dealing with trauma.  The environment at CBT Baltimore is warm, collaborative, and focused.  Truly a cohesive and enjoyable team.  Thankfully CBT Baltimore has experienced tremendous growth and respect in the community.  We are now in a position to add valuable assets to the practice. Learn more about us at www.cbtbaltimore.com

We are seeking:

A fully licensed clinician (LCSW-C, LCPC, LMFT, Psy.D., Ph.D., etc.) in the state of Maryland who has some training in CBT or related modalities.  Someone who is interested and has experience working with anxiety disorders and understanding of ERP work is a tremendous asset. Adding to an already solid group the candidate should be a team player that is flexible, communicative, and growth-minded.  This position provides autonomy for clinical practice with the support of supervision, opportunities for group consultation, and professional development. Experience working with younger children is a plus.  The position will likely start with a part-time caseload and have the potential to grow into full-time.  

Interested candidates should email resume/CV and cover letter to [email protected]