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Shmuel Fischler

Shmuel Fischler


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As owner and clinical director, I would like to warmly welcome you to CBT Baltimore! I am grateful for each day of leading our dedicated team and helping provide quality mental health to those that need.  The hats I wear are many 😊 A day’s work can include personally speaking with those considering therapy, taking a hands-on approach to developing our clinicians, and then volunteering time for lectures and professional training.  Never a dull moment! Clinically speaking, I treat multiple mental health challenges but have a leaning to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder among adolescents and adults. I find some of the most creative people to be those struggling with OCD.

I approach the therapy relationship with two essential ingredients: curiosity and transparency. Sure, I have years of experience and have taken my clinical training quite seriously. However, the relationship in the room is what truly drives the work. That is why being genuinely curious, open, and present are prerequisites to progress. My style in session strikes a balance between having a laid-back approach while maintaining focused on the treatment goals we developed together.

By profession I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a certified clinical supervisor by the state of Maryland. I have pursued intensive training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through various avenues including the Beck Institute in Philadelphia, where CBT was founded.

Specializing in OCD, I have obtained advanced training in ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention) at the University of Pennsylvania with the renowned Edna Foa, in addition to pediatric OCD through the BTTI of the IOCDF. I am proud to be a certified Cognitive Therapist by the reputable Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT). I have also pursued training in Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT among others. I am a professional member of the IOCDF (International OCD Foundation).

Passionate about contributing to the community, I have dedicated time to providing free consultations, clinical supervision, and lectures to developing professionals in the mental health field.  You will also find our podcast, Mental Filter, and YouTube series, Game On, to be freely accessible on this site.

In whatever free time left I enjoy being a (suffering) Chicago sports fan, being active, and working on my dry sense of humor.

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