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Brandi Preston, LGPC

Brandi Preston, LGPC

Staff Clinician


Brandi received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminology from Lycoming College and then completed her master’s in Clinical Psychology from Towson University. She started her journey through an undergraduate internship at the Federal Correctional Complex at Allenwood, where she spent time in their Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program on all three security levels (low, medium, and maximum).

Brandi also has experience working with individuals of all diagnoses at the national suicide hotline and through a warm talk line in Maryland. Through these experiences, Brandi found her passion is to help and support her community by providing evidence-based treatments for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive related disorders for adolescents and adults. She utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure and response prevention but integrates techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. Her clients have described her as supportive, warm, and empathetic. She creates a non-judgmental space for each individual to feel supported and heard while learning and growing in their mental health journey.

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