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Malka Dubin, LGPC

Malka Dubin, LGPC

Staff Clinician

[email protected](443) 470-9815 Ext. 7

Malka received her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Johns Hopkins University where she was elected to membership in the Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society. She has training in CBT focused therapy from the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Association and specializes in treating anxiety and mood disorders.

Malka also has experience working with children and adolescents, both as a therapist and from her time spent working as a middle school teacher. In addition to Malka’s advanced degree in counseling, she also holds a master’s degree in education from Johns Hopkins University.

Malka’s clients describe her as being patient and empathetic, and she approaches therapy with a non-judgmental and compassionate point of view. 

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