Skin Picking and other Habit Disorders


Want relief from skin picking and other habits? Get help now! We provide cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is the gold-standard evidence-based treatment for skin picking. Learn more by contacting us!



Compulsive habits, like excessive skin picking (i.e., dermatillomania), can cause significant distress (e.g., shame) or problems for the sufferer and loved ones. Many individuals report a need to complete the habit because of a sense of tension that builds up beforehand. Similarly, many cite a sense of relief or enjoyment upon performing the behavior. Boredom and stress tend to be common triggers.

Habits can be successfully treated using a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach called habit reversal training. This involves developing self-awareness of the habit and its environmental contingencies, as well as devising and practicing alternative behaviors to compete with the habit.  Habit reversal training is supplemented with adjunctive CBT techniques as necessary.

Please note that the term “habit” is quite broad in lay terms. CBT Solutions of Baltimore treats a limited set of habits and does not treat behaviors related to addiction (e.g., smoking, alcohol, drugs),  sexual behavior (e.g., fetishes, excessive use of pornography), eating (e.g., binging), and thrills (e.g., gambling, stealing, fire-setting).

If you are unsure if CBT Solutions will treat your specific habit(s), please call today for further information–(443) 470-9815